November 26, 2011

Albie and Sally at Beat Street

Jeez, I don’t know who shined on me but I gotta say, I have had the best luck this year with weddings. The couples we’ve shot have been so awesome and Albie and Sally were no exception. This wedding was a great way to end the year. 1st off, these guys & gals are musicians, which means they don’t do anything boring. They are a very rock n’ roll couple in every sense. So in the spirit of that energy, I proceeded to capture them that way. Very Hollywood, high fashion, colorful, vibrant energetic…can you tell I enjoyed my self? We started off at the Westin hotel in downtown Center City.  Albie was having his hair done (didn’t I say rock n’ roll people?) and the boys were trying to figure out how to put on suspenders :)). We then headed up to Sally where the girls were still in the hair and makeup mode. We did the staging and were called to take the guys out for photo’s as the girls would be a minute or so . So we walked around the city and drew major attention. Like I said, the boys looked liked rock stars and tourists were coming up asking “who are they”? We even invaded the ‘Occupy this’ protesters at City Hall & took some shots with them. All we had to was sign a petition to ensure clean drinking water  and since I happen to like clean water, why not?:)) . After the session we shot back up to the girls who were still in hair and makeup mode. lol . I then went back down to the guys and shot them practicing there rendition of “Woman, by John Lennon” which Albie was singing to his beautiful wife to be at the reception. When the girls were ready, we had to move quick  & grab some images  before heading to the ceremony.  The Church was also downtown and was just as interesting . Crazy blue walls & orange trim,  dark wood, etc.. I loved it! I love any thing different. The ceremony was beautiful & then we were off to Manayunk to Beat Street. I had never shot at Beat Street but once again, the decor was amazing! At the reception, Albie channeled John Lennon & was truly a STAR!  He then proceeded to invite individuals on stage, like his producer on guitar, who rocked, a friend on drums who rocked, his WIFE to sing, who totally rocked, etc..!! Seriously, I had so much fun shooting this wedding that I knocked over somebody’s bag rack at the hotel to get a shot! :))  I really wanted to capture everything I could because this couple was so in love & fun that I wanted them to be as happy when they saw the pictures as I was when I shot them.

Albie and Sally, you two are so made for each other its ridiculous. You guys lit up the stage like you the rock stars that you are & I see nothing but great things from you in the future. I wish you all the best and thank you for letting us into your world for a day!

Below is but a preview ( although I added a little more images to the blog than normal. And why not. Its the last wedidng of the year & ..its my blog! :))



rhonda shandor

Congratulations to you both. It looks like you had a very beautiful wedding. I wish you a long happy life together!

16:19 December 9, 2011

Andrew Connors

Congratulations on your wedding! The pictures are amazing!!

00:11 December 10, 2011


You did such an AMAZING job!!! We are in love with our pictures. Thank you again for capturing our day so creatively and beautifully! You Rock!

18:52 December 11, 2011

Virginai Carden

Nice job! I love how you captured this wedding. What a fun wedding it was. Great working with you!

23:56 December 12, 2011


    Thanks guys! it was great working with you s also.

    22:16 December 18, 2011

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