September 29, 2012

Belle Voir wedding photos

Belle Voir wedding photos

Belle Voir wedding photos. This day was kind of weird.  Not ‘the couple’ weird, lol, the day. We started early at the hair salon, went home & played with my kids, had lunch,  relaxed. Then the guys came later in the afternoon, then the girls at Belle Voir.  It just didn’t feel normal…but I liked it 🙂 . So this weekend was Erin & Mike’s Irish wedding extravaganza! lol. What can I say, Erin’s a sweetheart & Mike is a wild man. Erin’s dad is kind of coocoo, exactly like a dad should be, lol, and we had a blast.  The rain held off for the outside ceremony (hallelujah) and we had a good ol Irish party! There was drinking , there was male stripping ( for the ladies), Their were sailor hats and cakes a smashing, did I mention there was drinking..?? But all in all, there was a beautiful couple getting married and enjoying the day like they should!

Erin & Mike enjoy that honeymoon..don’t party too hard (or do, you deserve it) and may the luck of the Irish be with you both through your wonderful journey of looovvvveeee!

Bucks County wedding photographers

And a big shout out goes to my Irish brother from another mother, Sean G for helping out on this one. Its been great working with you this year bro. Thanks!

Til Later

Belle Voir wedding photos

Belle Voir wedding photos

Belle Voir wedding photos

Belle Voir wedding photos

Belle Voir wedding photos

Belle Voir wedding photos

Belle Voir wedding photos

After the emotion it was time to party and get ..just a little bit ..wild 🙂

As you can see by the their faces, neither made it out unscathed. lol

Belle Voir wedding photos


Of course the show must end. Stay tuned til next time.


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LOVE them! Can't wait to see the rest & hang them all over the house.

12:59 October 16, 2012


Great Pics Erin!!! Looks like you had an amazing day and had lots of fun!!! Thanks for sharing these cant wait to see the rest of them... ;)

14:55 October 16, 2012


The photographer was everywhere! He's done an amazing job so far. Thanks for giving us an early peek. My friends have been driving me crazy for pics.

03:14 October 17, 2012


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest of them.

16:55 October 17, 2012


Wonderful pictures! The way he looked at you walking to him, and your look to him arriving, was the look of love, without a doubt. I am so happy for you both. Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments of your special day.

23:31 October 17, 2012


Miguel, your other brother here - the Irish one! :-) Not bad for two guys, four cameras (Canon of course), and a bunch of lenses / strobes!Love your editing techniques. Great working with you. And your images are great too! ;-)Thank you to Erin and Mike, and their families and friends for a great day. Now have a great life together.

00:29 October 25, 2012

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