May 15, 2015

Cira Centre Wedding

Cira Centre Wedding

Cira Centre Wedding photography of Jodi and Phil.  This was a new venue of the year and we were really excited to shoot it. JG Domestic had it looking ridiculous and we were also happy to shoot with Darby from Seeds of Celebration. A wedding planner extraordinaire that we have worked with a few times now and appreciate.  Anyway, enough talking. Lets let the images speak now.

You may also want to check out their University of Penn engagement session . Which was Jodis Alma mater. And we rocked 😀

Looking for the Best Cira Centre photographers in Philadelphia? They say we’re pretty good. And we’d like to agree with them while also being modest. 😀

Cira Centre Wedding photos jodilphilw-10 jodilphilw-5 jodilphilw-9 jodilphilw-12 jodilphilw-77jodilphilw-4 jodilphilw-1B jodilphilw-1D jodilphilw-15 jodilphilw-18 jodilphilw-19 jodilphilw-16 jodilphilw-81  jodilphilw-25 jodilphilw-26 Art Museum wedding photos Art Museum Wedding Pictures in Philadelphia Art Museum Wedding Photos in Philadelphia Philadelphia skyline from the Cira Centre weddings Cira Centre weddings at JG Domestic jodilphilw-48 jodilphilw-35 Cira Centre Weddingjodilphilw-52 jodilphilw-54 jodilphilw-59 jodilphilw-58 jodilphilw-57 jodilphilw-39 jodilphilw-55 Cira Centre Wedding photos jodilphilw-92 jodilphilw-62 Cira Centre Wedding photography jodilphilw-61 jodilphilw-74 jodilphilw-75 Cira Centre Wedding photos


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