May 31, 2015

Fairmont Park engagement photos

Fairmont Park engagement photos

Fairmont Park engagement photos of Kelly and Steve. What I enjoy about engagement sessions is the ability to work with a couple before a wedding. To get them to feel comfortable in front of the camera. And while that isn’t easy Kelley & Steve made it so. I tell my couples all the time to just enjoy each others company and the more you give us the more we’ll catch. We caught a whole lot with these 2 but this is all I will show you. Because that’s the way we want it :D.  But you can also check out their Curtis Center wedding photos here if you need more. And you do. You really do. Ha

If you’re looking for Philadelphia wedding photographers and like authentic images, give us a holler.


Fairmont Park engagement photosFairmont Park engagement photos horticultural-center-photos-ks-4  horticultural-center-engagement-photos horticultural-center-photos-ks-3

Fairmont Park engagement pictures Fairmont Park engagement photography horticultural-center-photos-ks-11 horticultural-center-photos-ks-12 horticultural-center-photos-ks-14 penns landing engagement photos penns landing engagement photos


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