October 21, 2011

Mellisa & Nick

So you know your soon to be father in law has a couple of gifts for you. You open one. & Some shiny new cuff-links engraved with your initials. Sweet. You open the other …. and it’s a sparkly new Rolex!! Awesome! Thus are the wonderful moments I get to witness. I once again started with the guys at the grooms place.  Nick and the boys were already dressed and ready for pics.  After the fun there, the trolley showed up and it was off to the ceremony. I was covering Mellisa’s arrival (albeit a 1/2 hour late ..lol. Its ok Mellisa, I’m sure Nick & company would’ve waited forever for a bride as gorgeously awesome as you!) and when I 1st saw her I was stunned. She looked amazing so I began my ritual of shooting the heck out of her. We had to rush through as another wedding was coming in due to the , um, time malfunction 🙂  but we still got the shots we needed to get and then we were off to the Belle Voir Mansion. Unfortunately, there also was another wedding at the Pen Ryn Mansion right next to Belle Voir ( what luck), so we also couldn’t shoot by the water &  and a few other spots. But thus is also the life of a wedding photographer. Things change & you adapt. So we did. We shot around the mansion itself then headed in for some drinks & dancing. The  mansion looked terrific & the family was a pleasure to shoot.  There was the flyboys singing ‘you lost that loving feeling’ to the bride . They were there not only to support Melissa & Nick but also in honor of Melissa’s brother who was killed serving his country. A true hero & truly touching, touching stuff. I also purposely did 2 ring shots, 1 the way I intended to shoot & one for Melissa (hope you like it). I know I say it alot, but I do feel so honored that I get to spend time with such extraordinary people & that they entrust us to document there special day. I love what I do & I love the emotion it evokes.

A big thanks to my man Chris Hayes. I enjoyed our time working together. You are my brother from another..Australian mother! lol

Nick & Mellisa, I hope you guys get everything you want out of life . Your a special couple and great people to have met. Your love is evident & I want to thank you for being..YOU!

Have a great future together.

Til Later

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