July 8, 2018

Philadelphia Ballroom Wedding Photos

Philadelphia Ballroom Wedding Photos of Katie and Mark. W have been extremely lucky to continue to have awesome clients.  Anyone that knows me knows I am not full of the Cacapoopoo. So when I say I loved this bride I am not just saying it because that’s the popular thing a lot of photographers say about their clients. Katie is the BOMB! Super happy, funny, loved our work, smiles all the time, just an overall awesome person to be around.  She even had her brother announce during the ceremony that she had awesome photographers photographing and everyone needed to stay off their phones!! WIN!! Mark you were cool too 🙂 but Katie stole the show and we’re so happy to have been there to document it. Oh and did I mention these guys also knew how to party? I don’t think the dance floor was empty all night.  So to wrap this up, the couple was perfect, the light was nice, the emotions were there, dad gave us some Chickie and Pete’s wings while we hung at their house, the band masquerade was rocking all night, the Ballroom fed us with the guests so we could get back out to document quicker( *take not Philly wedding venues), I mean how much better can you get? You can’t, it was awesome.  Enjoy the preview guys. We had a ball with you and congrats again!!

Band :This is Masquerade

Venue : Philadelphia Ballroom

Photographers: Diamond Street Photography


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