cairnwood estate wedding photos

Cairnwood Estate Wedding C & R

Cairnwood Estate Wedding C & R.  Catalina and Ryan got married last week. And while they moved their date because of covid (like everyone else) they had to  move it again because Cat was expecting and needed to. Lol. Either way, whether it was in Oct or now, the wedding was going to be amazing. It’s funny, I’ve shot 3 weddings this year so far and it feels like the family/friends aspect just seems that much more important to people than ever before. And as a photographer who loves capturing that dynamic, you really couldn’t ask for more.  Add in some good looking people to create interesting  portraits for and the great location of the Cairnwood Estate & Glencairn Museum and you have a recipe for what happened below.  Congrats Cat & Ryan (and new baby girl)!! Hope you enjoy the preview. And a big shot out to my brother Colin Coleman for shooting with me!