Coney Island Engagement

Coney Island Engagement

Coney Island Engagement .Hello friends from the internet! This past Monday we had the pleasure of riding out to Coney Island NY to do a shoot with Lizz & Taylor. They were referred to us by  Sally & Albie, our super rock & roll couple of 2011, so we had never met them.  Now Lizz was wonderful and Taylor…well, lets just say that taking pictures isnt his thing. But for this couple of hours,  we made it his thing!!  lol. Just bustin ya chops Taylor, you did well dude. We know its not easy getting for everyone to get their picture taken so thats why we are always working on how to catch those in between intimate moments that are all YOU… and of course under the right light 🙂  I think thats working out well for us . But enough with the jibba jab, on with the show!

Coney Island New York engagement photographers

Lizz & Taylor, we’ll see you in 18 days!

Til Later



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