Jaime and Luke

Jaime & Luke were a late addition to our 2012 roster of awesome brides and grooms but I am sure glad we decided to shoot for them! I 1st met them at the e-session so that’s always awkward but right from the get go I could see they were fun, up for any thing & most importantly, knew how to make the camera shine :).  I expected no less at the wedding and yeah.. it happened. lol. We started at the girls where the ladies were looking lovely of course & since Jaime wasn’t planning to put on her dress until we got to the venue, we persuaded her to try it on beforehand so we could get some shots. After staring at the gorgeousness that was Jaime, we headed off to Luke. I loved the guys style .  It was different & we love different! It definitely fit every thing we ended up shooting so bravo to you both for all the right decisions! lol. We did the 1st look at the beautiful Bellevue State Park in DE. Yes, it was like 110 degrees & felt like we were shooting in an oven but no one complained.  Every one was ultra professional & seriously kept there game faces on through the whole shoot. Awesome!  We then headed off to get married. The F.O.E is a smaller more intimate spot but this was more of a family & close friend affair anyway so it fit perfectly. Every one was so cool with us & although it took a while, finally some of the boys hit the dance floor & joined the girls for the party :).  Al in all, it was a wonderful day with 2 people who are truly in LOVE .

Jaime & Luke. I see the way you guys look at each other. Its so evident you have a long future together. I wanna wish you all the best in your new life . I hope we did you proud.

I also wanna send a big shout to Sean Gallagher who 2nd shot with me as my wife was off shooting without me 🙁 . Love you babe. My wife not you Sean. But you were great also.
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Til Later

Just like the t-shirt says.. she looks GREAT!lol

Her son after the 1st look. Love it.

Mother & Daughter moment.

Its usually 50/50 when cake is involved..Luke didn’t make it 🙂 .

And then it was time to par-tay!