Lake Valhalla club wedding photos

Lake Valhalla club wedding photos

Lake Valhalla club wedding photos. Hello 2013!!  While we have been enjoying family time & shooting different things like e-sessions, maternity’s, commercial, etc, its sure felt good to get a wedding in. And what a way to start off the season but with Lisa & Erik. Lisa is sweet as pie and Erik is the guy who doesn’t like to smile but looks good either way (smiling or not. And I’m a secure man who can say this) . They had been referred to us by Sally & Albie, our awesome rock & roll couple of 2011 (one of many..thank you Sally!!)  And we booked them without meeting,  which can be tricky, but thankfully we did & it was so worth it. From e-session to the big day I will say it was a true pleasure to work for this couple. Even with the nervous emails we got from Lisa  🙂 you could tell she just wanted everything to be perfect & we wanted to make sure we did our part. I think we succeeded 🙂 . So thanks to everyone we dragged out into the freezy, freezy cold & wind , for formals, for Lisa & Erik for giving us some time out there (sorry!) , to  mom who told us she loved our work (cool points 100 momma) dad who rocked the dance floor, and to all the family & friends who let us in & allowed us to our job …THANKS!!

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We hope you enjoy & hopefully you see this before you head off for that honeymoon, otherwise enjoy your new life with each & we wish you all the BEST!


Til Later


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