Market Street engagement photos

Market Street engagement photos

Market Street engagement photos. What was happening you ask? A sunny day? Cameras in hand with 2 attractive & cool people? Yes, the perfect storm arrived  this past weekend . We had great weather & we got to shoot the gorgeous Barbara & the super cool Scott.  We started in Old City & just wandered around to find the light and anything interesting. WIN!  These 2 made it easy & although they were nervous, they didn’t realize how naturally photogenic they were 🙂 . On our way to Race St Pier we hit Elfreth’s Alley & well… that’s where this sunny story changes a little. Evidently we were being a little loud in front of ‘someone’s friends’ home and they asked us to, not so politely, move.  Now, I didn’t take too kindly to the way we were spoken to and said something about it, and yes I definitely shouldn’t have but well… he was just rude, I haven’t had any sleep and he caught me on the wrong day.  Of course nothing came of it, we moved and got what we needed then left. At least Barbara & Scott know their photographer’s will stand up for them .lol  We got to Race St just when the sun was ready to be played with and that we did. I gotta say, I loved shooting for these guys and I cant wait until the wedding… its going to be so epic… And I’ll get some sleep.

Note: you can now see their Radnor Hunt Club Wedding photos.

Barbara and Scott, we appreciated you guys hanging with us for a bit, good luck with the job search and stay beautiful! You too Scott. Haha

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