Michelle and Anthony- Baby Bump

This past weekend was not only awesome weather-wise, it was awesome because we got to see one of our super terrific 2012 wedding couples, Michelle & Anthony and their precious cargo.  He may just be a bump now but soon enough he’s going to be bringing such joy to these guys.  Then in a blink of an eye, wreaking havoc as little boys do 🙂  We shot the proud parents-to-be at the Morris Arboretum .  Now we don’t normally like to shoot couples in the same location twice (last year we shot their engagement photos there ) but we decided that we would make an exception…knowing that while the place might be the same, these guys are in a totally “different place” in their lives.   Plus it’s fun to challenge ourselves as photographers to take something familiar and make it look entirely different.  The first time we saw these guys, they were getting ready to embark on a beautiful journey as a couple.   That journey has now led them to the most unbelievably amazing place where they’re going to soon meet the precious little Castiel.    Michelle and Anthony, you have no idea what you are in for LOL.  We mean that in a good way — words just can’t sufficiently describe all the feelings you are about to feel! We know you’ll be fabulous parents & we can’t wait to hear that he’s arrived!

Enjoy the pictures.. and that baby boy 🙂 .



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