Oberod Estate wedding photos

Oberod Estate wedding photos

Oberod Estate wedding photos. It seems I’ve blogged about a few couples that I did not get to meet before booking…well, here goes one more :).  Luckily our email spider sense has worked out & we’ve been fortunate enough to get to shoot for some awesome clients. Janora & Darren fit that bill. Great Chemistry, beautiful location, good light= Score! The only problem I had was as soon as I got to know them they were gone 🙁 . They went the traditional way of skipping out on their party early and heading straight off to the honeymoon. Sweet. Well guys, hope your having a blast.  It was an honor to hang around you guys for the day. We wish you a blessed marriage and a wonderful future. Enjoy the preview!

Weddings at the Oberod in Delaware

Also a big thanks to my brother from an Irish mother, Mr. Sean G for helping me out. Your the man dude!

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