Painted Bride Art Center Wedding

allisontomw-5C What a week. So 1st we have my super nervous (but sweetest girl in the world) Allison & the laid back Tom’s wedding. I get a flat tire at her getting ready.  Take Tracey’s car to the groom, back to the bride, get to the M Night Shyamalan church where the sixth sense was filmed 😀 , shoot the awesome wedding, head to 30th St station. Had permission but Septa was on strike so it was a little empty, worked out well, head off to the Painted Bride Art Center, very different very awesome, shoot a wild party,  finish, head back to brides home to fix tire, no spare, use Tracey’s, get home at 1am , son throws up, finally get sleep-some sleep- jet to the airport at 7am, miss flight by 1 minute and some not so nice Philly Airport workers (thanks dude) sit at the airport for 4 hours waiting for next flight, get burned up in Florida…and when we got back they lost one of our bags 🙂 BUT you know what…We had a great time though!! Thanks Allison and Tom for having us. We loved your wedding and whatever else happened next. Its what makes life fun…sometimes. lol. Enjoy the preview and congratulations again!! Painted bride art center wedding. allisontomwb-2 allisontomwvert1 allisontomw-17 allisontomw-7 allisontomw-8 allisontomw-20 allisontomw-14 allisontomw-12 allisontomw-22b allisontomw-29 allisontomw-27 allisontomw-30  allisontomwb-11 allisontomw-31 allisontomwvert3 allisontomwvert2 allisontomw-34 allisontomw-47 allisontomw-36 allisontomw-37 allisontomw-38 allisontomw-50 allisontomw-41 allisontomw-42 allisontomw-44 allisontomwb-18 allisontomw-43 allisontomw-52 allisontomw-54 allisontomw-55 allisontomw-56 allisontomw-58 allisontomw-60 allisontomw-61 allisontomw-62 allisontomw-68 allisontomw-64 allisontomw-63 allisontomw-65 allisontomw-67 allisontomw-73 allisontomw-74 allisontomw-77 allisontomw-78 allisontomw-79 allisontomw-83 allisontomwvert8 allisontomwvert4 allisontomwvert7 allisontomw-86 allisontomw-88 allisontomw-90 allisontomw-91 allisontomw-94 allisontomw-98 allisontomw-99 allisontomw-101 allisontomw-104 allisontomw-110 allisontomwvert6 allisontomw-111 allisontomw-100