Philadelphia Maternity photos K & S

Philadelphia Maternity photos K & S : One of the things that’s sad about shooting weddings is that you get to meet and hang out with some really cool & interesting people but when the wedding is over, you part ways 🙁   BUT, the cool thing that happens after that is, like many of our other couples, they start families 😀 And then we see them again. Yes!! Haha.  Kelly & Steve are one of those couples. We loved their Fairmont Park engagement photos, we loved their Curtis Center wedding and we loved seeing them again as they start their new family. And while Steve is a handsome man, Kelly was handling being pregnant like a boss!! Lol.  She was a gorgeous bride and now a gorgeous momma to be. Congratulations on the new adventure guys!! Having 2 little people ourselves we know exactly what kind of ride you’re in for 😀  Muwahahhahaha . No seriously, it’s amazing. Life changing…and tiring. Enjoy it because it also moves quickly. Ciao for now.