The reason we do what we do

Now don’t be fooled by the title.  We love photography.  I (Miguel) am pretty much obsessed with it.  But before weddings it was our 2 little angels.  Before brides and grooms it was Christian Miguel and now Chase Angel.  Before shoe shots there were little feet shots. We do what we do because we love it.  And because we were inspired by 2 little boys.  So when we raise our cameras to our eyes and compose a shot, we take it seriously. We know someone wants to remember this.  We understand how powerful a picture can be… It’s the reason we do what we do.

Our baby boy Chase just turned 2 a few days ago which inspired this post. Happy Birthday Chaser eraser!!




I told him wait til his brother went down 1st. He didn’t listen. They never do 🙂 .  Crazy midgets. lol

The reason we do what we do  The reason we do what we do chaseychrist-6 chaseychrist-7  The reason we do what we do chaseychrist-12 chaseychrist-13 The reason we do what we do


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