Waterworks engagement photos

Waterworks engagement photos

Waterworks engagement photos .Thankfully, last Friday did not disappoint again…while the weather was just as freezy cold as it was our last time out, Amy and Matt, our lovely couple fresh in from San Francisco, brought the heat 🙂 .  We hung around the Art Museum area a bit, saw some fish skeleton bones, Amy & Matt wanted a ring shot on it…you know, an ordinary Diamond Street shoot! Haha. I love our clients. Anyway, after deciding against Kelly Drive we headed off to VGI. Looking back that was probably a mistake as Amy had to climb muddy hills in heels just so we could find some light to play with.  Ahhh. Sorry, Amy.  You were a trooper though. You both were and you definitely made the cold weather bearable. Thanks for being you!  Hope all is well by the Bay & we’ll be seeing you soon (under warmer conditions we hope ).

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Waterworks engagement photos

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