Glen Foerd Wedding Photos

Glen Foerd Wedding Photos

Glen Foerd Wedding Photos

Ah, Lindsay & Derek. So my Guess models were finally married this past week πŸ™‚ and we had the pleasure of enjoying their company once again. Tracey & I started at the women and what lovely women they were. Mom was emotional ( and we loved every minute of it) & Lindsay looked AMAZING!! I’ve loved this girl since her e-session & we totally clicked photographically. Needless to say, we got some great shots with her. I then headed off to the guys and Tracey stood behind with the ladies. Derek & the boys were doing what grooms & groomsmen do, having some drinks & waiting around. So I shot them for a minute & then we were off to Glen Foerd for the 1st look & ceremony. First time shooting at the Glen Foerd mansion & we were very impressed.Β  We headed up to the bridal suite where Lindsay & the girls did their final touch ups because their were about 18 gazillion mirrors in there. Maybe not, but it seemed like it . lol. After touch ups & toasts, it was off to the 1st look. We incorporated the bridal party as you can see below. It was beautiful & awesome. We handled the formals, bridal party shots and had a few minutes left for the 1 on 1 session & then it was getting married time! The ceremony was on the water, the sun was shining, 2 beautiful people were saying “I Do” ….what more could you ask for?Β  I do have to say 1 thing though.Β  I understand when we do e-sessions the men may not be feeling it as much as the women (understatement?) but seriously, Derek NEVER smiled like he did when his soon to be wife was in front of him. I’m just saying . It was great to see. Β  All right, at the reception the best man & MoH made some pretty terrific speeches & the MoH even made the bride get emotional( we got some great shots so thank you for that! πŸ™‚Β  ) But seriously, when the night was over we didn’t want it to end. It was a beautiful, beautiful day and we are so blessed to continue to meet couples like Lindsay & Derek who make our work so easy. Who are in love & let it show.

Glen Foerd on the Delaware wedding photographers

Lindsay & Derek, here’s hoping every day is as wonderful as this one was and that the sun continues to shine on the both of you.

Your in love. Your married. Enjoy!

Til later

Glen Foerd Wedding

Then it was off to Glen Foerd and the mirrors of beauty :). Proceed at your own risk. Gorgeous women ahead. lol

Glen Foerd Wedding

Glen Foerd Wedding

Its off to the 1st look!

Glen Foerd Wedding photos

Right before the 1st look πŸ™‚Β  Shes so cute!!

Glen Foerd Wedding pictures

Glen Foerd Wedding

No peeking Derek πŸ™‚

Glen Foerd Wedding first look

Glen Foerd Wedding

Glen Foerd Wedding bridal party

Glen Foerd Wedding groomsmen

Glen Foerd Wedding bride

Glen Foerd Wedding ceremony

So after all the hugging and crying, it was party time πŸ™‚ .

Glen Foerd Wedding


And although there are many more, like cannot see them. lol. That is unless you know Derek & Lindsay :).

Mr & Mrs Landi, what can I say. Your in LOVE. It shows in these photos. Your families were such a pleasure to deal with & we couldn’t have had a better time capturing what is sure to be one of the best days of your lives. Remember it. And if you happen to forget, we have the pictures to prove it.Thank you for trusting us.

Enjoy your new life together!


Tracey & Miguel


GREAT GREAT SHOTS! What an amazing day! You guys were awesome!

-Lauren (the MOH)!

Thank you Tracey and Miguel for these amazing pictures! It makes the whole wonderful day come alive again!!!!

Our pleasure. And you were pretty awesome yourself mom! lol

Congratulations to you both … again! Love you both! Come visit me in Miami! πŸ™‚

These picture showed just what we see in our son and now daughter-in-law whrn we are all together. Love, love, love!!! Thank you so much for this preview.

The other Mr. & Mrs. Landi
Debbie & Charlie

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Just like the wedding!!

You were the most gorgeous bride!!! I hope you enjoyed every moment of it. I wish you the very best with Derek!!! Congratulations!

The pictures are amazing!!!! Derek & Lindsay had such a beautiful wedding and you guys captured every step with such perfection and professionalism. Thank you for such wonderful shots of the flowers as well!!!

Brandi Johnson
Manager/Wedding Designer
Anton’s Florist
(I did the flowers for the wedding)

Very beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them.

Lindsay your wedding was spectacular. I pray that you have the best life with your new husband

Thanks to everyone who commented. We really did appreciate all of you guys being so nice even when we stalked you :). What a wonderful day with a GREAT couple!!

These pictures keep taking me back to that wonderful day. Absolutely perfect.

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