Philmont Country club wedding photos

Philmont Country club wedding photos. So its Saturday and love is in the air! The wedding season begins with Lyndah and Chris and what a wedding it was. I had never done a Nigerian wedding before so it was definitely very new & interesting. We started at the hotel where we proceeded to do the staging and shoot Lynda’s 3 dresses. Yes, 3 dresses! This woman knew how to get married in style :). We then did the 1st look at the hotel, took a few GQ & models shots then headed off to the 2 hour ceremony. Yes, you heard that correctly also, a 2 hour ceremony. lol.  Like I said, these guys went all the way for this celebration of love. Anyway, everyone looked awesome decked out in there traditional garb & the colors were fantastic. We then headed over to the Philmont country club, albeit, later than we were supposed to and since it then began to rain when we got there, the creative session I envisioned was not to be. All became well when the rain stopped for a bit & we squeezed out some awesome images. All in all, this was the longest wedding I’ve shot (14 hours) but in the end I enjoyed every minute of it .  From the dance battles, to the hilarious MC at The Philmont Country Club, the 2 young ladies that caught then ripped the bouquet (lol), the traditional making it rain money for the 2nd celebration..just every thing!  I also have to shout out Chris, Lyndah, all the Groomsmen, Bridesmaids & all of the families and friends that took us in & made us feel at home shooting them! We had a blast & I hope these pictures help you to relive what was a very special day! And also Thanks to Kris from “Classic events by Kris” for coordinating and being such a help running the show.

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Don’t know if your in New Zealand yet, but enjoy the honeymoon either way & I wish you guys nothing but the best in your future together!
Enjoy the preview and you can check out Lyndah & Chris Slideshow

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Philmont Country club wedding photos

You know most men don’t know how to fold hankies but Chris handled this well. lol.

Than after a little prayer session we headed off to do the 1st look.

Philmont Country club wedding photos

Philmont Country club wedding photos

Then the Rolls came & it was time to get to get to the reception. We were late, losing light & it was raining slightly..but of course that’s not the way it looks 🙂

Philmont Country club wedding photos

Philmont Country club wedding photos

Philmont Country club wedding photos

Philmont Country club wedding photos

Then there was dance show put on by the boys of the MFM ministry.

Now this is where the party started as Lyndah & Chris (and the whole bridal party) got into their traditional Nigerian outfits and the customary ‘getting down’ happened. Make it rain! lol

Philmont Country club wedding photos

Then the dance battles. And the hilarious MC had to get in on it also with his Micheal Jackson rendition 🙂 awesome.


All in all, a very memorable wedding and a great time with these 2! Enjoy being together for the rest of your lives guys.. I know you will be!



                                                                                                               Ceremony:  MFM Ministry

                                                                                                   Venue: The Philmont Country Club

                                                                                          Wedding Coordinator: Classic Events by Chris

                                                                                           Photographers: Diamond Street Photography


Miguellllll, You are AHmazing. We love our photos and thank you for your dedication to our event. Sorry if we wore you out after 14hrs, but we enjoyed every minute with you. New Zealand was great and only wish you could have been there to take great pics as you did for our engagement/wedding. Here’s wishing you all the best in your business! high five my man.

Chris. God bless you my man & your wonderful new bride. I did enjoy every minute with you guys & I am so glad you enjoyed the photos. You know, you could’ve taken me to New Zealand with you !?!? lol. Thank you both so much!!

Lyndah … thank you for sharing your pictures. They are absolutely beautiful! It looks like you had a lot of FUN! But seriously … 3 different dresses?! I can barely fit 1 dress a week!!
And to top your exciting and beautiful day with New Zealand! You know, you could have taken me with you as your maid to take care of all of your beautiful dresses you could not bear to leave behind 🙂
Wishing you all the happiness and blessings of the Lord in your marriage! 🙂

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