September 23, 2015

Cescaphe events Tendenza Wedding

Cescaphe events Tendenza Wedding

Cescaphe events Tendenza Wedding Photos of Brittany and Brian.  We were at Tendenza for what felt like the millionth time this year and it was awesome…again! . You might remember B&B from their Rittenhouse Square e-session . This is for blog stalkers not for the ordinary folk. Lol.  But you can now feel free to check out the wedding. These 2 are really sweet for each other and it shows. I guess they had better be since they got married right? Anyway, enough talk. Let the pictures speak.

And if you’re in the market for Tendenza wedding Photographers look no further than us. Yeah that’s right.

Philadelphia church wedding photos tendenzawedding-bb-1B wedidng ring photos tendenzawedding-bb-4 philadelphia bride gets ready photos tendenzawedding-bb-7 tendenzawedding-bb-10 tendenzawedding-bb-13 tendenzawedding-bb-16 philadelphia grooms Philadelphia bridesmaids tendenzawedding-bb-22 tendenzawedding-bb-29 tendenzawedding-bb-38 tendenzawedding-bb-40 tendenzawedding-bb-41 tendenzawedding-bb-47 tendenzawedding-bb-49 tendenzawedding-bb-50 tendenzawedding-bb-51 tendenzawedding-bb-52 tendenzawedding-bb-53a Philadelphia church wedding photos tendenzawedding-bb-56 tendenzawedding-bb-58 tendenzawedding-bb-65 tendenzawedding-bb-66 tendenzawedding-bb-67 tendenzawedding-bb-79 tendenzawedding-bb-91 Cescaphe events Tendenza Wedding Cescaphe events Tendenza Wedding tendenzawedding-bb-95a tendenza wedding decor tendenzawedding-bb-100 Cescaphe events Tendenza Wedding tendenzawedding-bb-107 tendenzawedding-bb-111 tendenzawedding-bb-117 tendenzawedding-bb-122 tendenzawedding-bb-123 tendenzawedding-bb-125 tendenzawedding-bb-127 tendenzawedding-bb-130 tendenzawedding-bb-132 tendenzawedding-bb-139 tendenzawedding-bb-140 tendenzawedding-bb-141 tendenzawedding-bb-142 tendenzawedding-bb-143 tendenzawedding-bb-148 tendenzawedding-bb-149 tendenzawedding-bb-150 tendenza wedding


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