who are we? It's a secret...

ok, if you really wanna know


If it has to do with photography & being creative,  count me in!  I’m the captain of the S.S. Photo and Lead Ninja photographer at DSP.  I love my job and some say (Tracey) I’m really obsessed with it. I’ve been told I have a good eye and I’m starting to believe it 😀 Seriously though, I love to shoot & you will only see that for yourself when you hire me. I go hard and never go home. You can;t get rid of me.  

miguel's musings

  • In Utah, it’s illegal to swear in front of a dead body.
  • The Bible is the worlds most shoplifted book.
  • India has a Bill of Rights for cows 

One of my favorite quotes

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do

now let's get serious

Times change, situations change, everything changes but a photo stays the same. These are some of your most important moments in life and they should be captured. We believe it’s important and hopefully you do as well.  Ultimately, we want to freeze time for you in the most beautiful way. Giving you the gift of always being able to remember. We love that. How about you? 

Likes and dislikes

I like it when people love my work.

And I wouldn’t like it if they didn’t.  And plus somethings probably wrong with them if they don’t.  Just saying.


Ninja Skills.

Nunchuk Skills.

Sometimes seeing into your soul skills. 

Along with those I’m also pretty skilled at: 

Telling a story in a creative way . Curing a broken timeline. Battling mother nature. Making people look like their best selves.  Seeing things differently.  Being modest 😀  

Fun 100%
Creativite 100%
Problem Solver 100%
Story Teller 100%
Normal 50%


If it’s not being done by Miguel, it’s being done by Tracey.  Whether 2nd shooting, studio management or being a mom boss, Tracey is the jelly to Miguel’s peanut butter. 

tracey's thoughts

  • Be positive
  • Be kind 
  • Be honest 
  • Be helpful
  • Be cuz… It’s the right thing to do. Duh?


How many of us wind up where we imagined we would as kids?  BS in Russian Language/Literature, 15 years as a Project Manager, Mom of 2 wonderful wild boys.    
Admittedly the serious one.  Not embarrassed to read the instructions before assembly.  It’s just smart!!  Can’t stand a crooked painting on the wall. Small business owner for 7 years.  And loving every minute of it!!  Behind every good man…


I hate mice (hate doesn’t even come close actually) yet my Disney character is a mouse (not the one you think!)
Will drive anywhere, anytime, for any reason. I love a road trip.   
Each Spring/Summer I must plant at least 5-7 new plants
Human GPS & Alarm Clock
Funny when you least expect it ;-D


“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.  It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

Aaron Siskind

yeah, we've won stuff & been featured places