Live. Love. Remember

Remember what it was like to be young and in love. The beginning of your journey is just as important…you have to document it.  

An opportunity to get in front of the camera & start to feel comfortable goes a long way on the big day. Plus you get to hang out with us is a win win. 

Let’s not forget the art you will also receive. We’ve seen our images on many clients walls. This is where your pictures belong!  

Where to go?

This is the #1 question. Think outside the box. Let’s not do what everyone else is doing. Let’s skip the cliche spots and do something more original. Friend has access to a farm? Yes! You’re a schoolteacher and we can get in when no ones around? Boom. Wanna hang out at your parents lakeside house and jump in the water at the end of the shoot? Done 🙂 You get the point. Be creative and we will as well. And don’t get us wrong, the cliche spots will make great photographs as well.  But, we like different. 

MORE IDEAS: The Beach, A Farm, Your home, Your College, Your Gym, Your Workplace, A Vintage (or any kind of Car) Shoot, An Airfield (if you travel alot), Amusement Park, Your favorite City, Your favorite Restaurant (if we can get access), Fave Bar or Coffee Shop, Shopping at Ikea,  Botanical Gardens, Whatever.  Have fun with this.  SEASONAL: Skiing, Tubing, Sledding, Orchard, Waterpark, Pumpkin Patch, Christmas Lights, etc. 

NOTE: Any entry fee for us will need to be covered by client.  


2 1/2 hours prior to sunset is always the time we shoot. It allows for the best light and that’s what we’re going for.  They are also scheduled only  during the week (Mon-Thurs) . We have very limited weekend availability so any booking on an open weekend will come with a fee of $250. 


We aren’t props’y kind of photographers, so we could do without the “she said yes” signs. Lol. BUT if you’re a guitarist and want to get pictures playing, YES!  Big time sports fans and wanna wear your jerseys and do a cool photo, yep again. Wanna shoot confetti or champagne at each other at the end of a shoot? You don’t have to twist our arm 😀  This and things like this are acceptable props. You’ve been warned 🙂  






And most important...

trust us

we'll handle the rest