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We call our style “Artistic Photojournalism”. Why? Because  we want to tell your story artistically. It’s pretty much as simple as that. We shoot the day as it unfolds naturally but at some point we also become portrait photographers and put some time and energy into your creative session. Basically giving you the best of both worlds. You’re welcome 🙂 

Does a bear poop in the woods? Yes we travel. And yes I said poop.  We have little people.  We also have passports. Help us fill them and contact us for specifics regarding destination weddings. 

We also the states as well so if you need us in New York, Maryland, Florida, Jersey, Delaware, Rhode Island, etc we can be there as well.  We’re trying to see all 50 states. Help us help you 😀  

As storytellers, we aim to tell the story of your day completely and beautifully. That includes our artisan edits and the time we put in after the wedding.   And while we do emphasize quality over quantity, at least 600-800 images are typically delivered.  You will also receive access to your full gallery within 8 weeks of the wedding date. All High resolution and ready for print. 

There are no travel fees for locations within 50 miles from us (19001). Anything outside of that range will incur a surcharge based on (if applicable) actual costs of transportation, lodging and meals. Contact us for specifics. 

You must name your baby Miguel.  No really, $1000 Retains the date with the balance due 30 days prior to the wedding. Easy as Sunday morning.   

Off peak pricing is available but is based on a 1st come 1st serve basis and we only take on a limited amount of weddings in the off season.  

Of course. A wedding isnt a wedding without all of that. And to tell you the truth, it cant all be art. Sometimes it’s just 2 people who want their picture taken, smiling at the camera. And while that’s not what w’re know for it’s totally fine with us to take and deliver these as well.  

Please don’t. Other than family formals we don’t work off a shot list. We’re usually hired because a client has connected with our style and storytelling (isn’t that why you’re considering us) So while we want to get to know you & what you like . And seriously, a shot list only hinders our creativity. Trust is key to ensuring great wedding images. Love the work and then trust the process (76ers fan here). 

Yes and Yes. Please let us know if you venue needs a certificate of insurance ahead of your date. 

Well the only way we wouldn’t make your wedding is if we were in fact dead and then yes, we would definitely not be there. And let me point out that would really suck. The being dead part. In all seriousness, only a life altering event would stop us from being at your big day but we do have a vast network of photographers to be able to secure a replacement in the case of an emergency. If somehow we were unable to secure a replacement you would be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid to us.  

Technically no, but seriously? So we normally eat breakfast in the morning and then we’re out o shoot your wedding all day. Nonstop. The only opportunity to ever eat POSSIBLY is cocktail hour but that’s only after we shoot the decor, some of the people, grip and grins etc. So basically, eating would be nice. Food is fuel, so feed your vendors. They’re working hard for you :-). 

Anything we didn't cover?

 Ask a question. Engage us. You won’t regret it.