July 1, 2013

Sayen Gardens engagement

Sayen Gardens engagement

Sayen Gardens engagement. A cute couple got to hang out with a crazy man this past weekend. By the cute couple, I mean Christina & Matt…and yes, I am the crazy man 🙂  We headed out to Sayen Gardens in Jersey. This was my 2nd time there in 2 weeks and that’s always a challenge to make it look different. But I like challenges. The day was great & the couple gave me what I wanted. My only complaint was that we had to end early as the skies opened up and put a damper on the shoot…literally 🙁  Christina & Matt, it was great while it lasted. Thanks for going along with everything. I’ll see you guys in 2014! Note; you can now check out their Maplewood country club wedding.

Til Later

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