November 8, 2015

Stroud Preserve Engagement Photos

Stroud Preserve Engagement Photos

Stroud Preserve Engagement Photos of Kristin and Michael. Our models, who are not, but who look like they are 😀 We had never been to the Stroud preserve before and it was actually a very pretty place to shoot. Even though we did get kicked out from a spot by some guy in his Chevy truck. I guess we weren’t supposed to be there but the dude was still pretty rude. Either way, we came, we saw, we conquered. No Chevy truck man will stop us! Lol.  And just in case you’re wondering, no we don’t talk like some puffy fluffy photographers about our clients love and about how our hearts sing when they look at each other. Blah. We keep it real and capture the awesomeness. Plain and simple. Enjoy that 😀

We are your West Chester wedding photographers people. Look no further!

Their wedding will be EPIC!

Stroud Preserve Engagement photos Stroud Preserve Engagement images stroud-preserve-kristin-michael-2 Stroud-Preserve-engagement-photos Stroud-Preserve-best-engagement-pictures-gold Stroud-Preserve-best-engagement-pictures-nice stroud-preserve-kristin-michael-7 stroud-preserve-kristin-michael-8 Stroud-Preserve-Engagement-Pictures-fun stroud-preserve-kristin-michael-11 Stroud-Preserve-Engagement-Pictures-red-tree stroud-preserve-kristin-michael-14 stroud-preserve-kristin-michael-15 Stroud-Preserve-Engagement-Photos

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